Why Choose Hand Dryers Over Paper Towel Dispensers?

Published: 23/04/2019

Why Choose Hand Dryers Over Paper Towel Dispensers?

Hand dryers are obviously one of the most convenient tools in your washroom. It may sound like a strange claim to make, but there are a few very good reasons why many business properties choose to use hand dryers over other apparatus to dry your hands. For some, this may seem like a trivial discussion, but if you are a building or facilities manager, then weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of every facility in your building is part of your job description. 

The old paper towel system is admittedly still quite popular – especially in older buildings where hand dryers were not fitted in the original design. However, you may have noticed that nowadays nearly every newly constructed building be it a shopping center or an office has electronic hand dryers in their washrooms. It is something the average joe probably wouldn’t notice or even stop to consider as we take these kinds of things for granted, but there are some very good reasons behind this. 

What Benefits Do Hand Dryers Offer Washrooms?

Let’s begin with looking at paper towel systems. Now when someone uses the paper towel where does it go? It hopefully goes in the bin provided next to it. Often we see some paper towels trodden on the floor where the floor is wet and that person that was in a hurry to get to their promotional meeting with their boss didn’t have time to pick up the towel or simply just did not want to. 

  1. The bins that the paper towels go into need emptying regularly – how many times do you see these bins overflow?
  2. Hand dryers increase cleaning staff efficiency – Having to empty the bins it causes the cleaning staff more work and reduces their efficiency at performing other tasks around the building to keep it looking spic and span. 
  3. Save money on bin bags – Changing the bin bag every day for the hand towels means replacing it with another one (apologies for stating the obvious). With a hand dryer, you eliminate that cost. 
  4. Reduce your procurement team’s order forms – If you are not ordering so many bins bags its one less item to have to order and take time to have delivered. There is also the reduction in storage space – although this is a small issue, every little bit counts. 
  5. We all want to save trees – OK so most paper towels these days are recycled, but still, not all are and so the trusty hand dryer helps us to save the environment. 
  6. Low energy costs – despite hand dryers using electric, they are designed to be energy efficient. Electricity costs are bearly noticeable. 
  7. Save costs on paper towels – you no longer have to buy paper towels. That is the end of it. Check out our cost saving calculator that compares the cost of using a hand dryer versus the costs of using paper towels. Prosan paper towel saving calculator page.
  8. Cleaner washrooms – there will not be paper towels strewn across the floor and this makes for a much cleaner washroom. This point actually goes hand in hand with point number 1.
  9. Hygiene – hand dryers are 100% hygienic. Place your hands in the dryer, let the hot air dry your hands and wash away those germs.

These are just a few of the advantages that many of our customers and those that have hand dryers in their washrooms have mentioned. Some are more beneficial than others, but you get the general gist of why hand dryers are now a regular feature in modern washrooms in new buildings. There are also plenty of older buildings replacing their old hand towel systems for hand dryers just because they create less work and are hassle free. 

What Models Of Hand Dryers Are Available?

Hand dryers are serious business these days because of the points that we made above. For facilities managers or building managers, the model matters as well as performance. Obviously, we are all restricted by budget when we are running a business and as a facilities manager putting in a request to your purchasing department who would then need to convince the business managers the costs are worth it means that you need a good sales pitch. 

Fortunately, we have a large range of hand dryer products in our store. Each one comes with its own description, and we have listed the prices alongside them so you know exactly what you are getting. 

Click here for the complete list of hand dryers from Prosan

You will find models from Dyson (including their Airblade models), Force hand dryers with duel jet systems, Xlerator, and Mitsubishi hand dryers. As you can see, the range of hand dryers we have are all from reputable brands that are very well known with the electrical appliances industry. They come in various sizes and all have their own unique features giving you the flexibility of choice and price. Did you know you can calculate your annual savings using our Savings Calculator based on your current paper towel usage? A Hand dryer will help you save hundreds of dollars annually.


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