• Mode Enriched Lotion Soap

This deluxe, pearlised hand lotion soap has been enriched with vitamins and emollients, including non-irritant, coconut-derived skin conditioners and moisturisers.

Comes packaged in a proprietary bladder, designed to fit the Mode Soap Dispensers

Mild and gentle, Mode Enriched Lotion Soap cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

Mode Enriched Lotion Soap fits the bill perfectly.  Designed to nurture, nourish and protect as well as clean, it delivers a hand-washing experience that's second to non. 

And it's economical too; perfect for offices, factories, hotels, garages and general washrooms.

* Fits the Mode Soap Dispenser *

* Comes in cartons of 6 units *


  • pH balanced, kinder to the skin than most toilet soaps
  • Non-sticky formulation
  • Flows easily through soap dispenser pumps and nozzles 
  • Pleasantly perfumed to appeal to men and women
  • Licensed by Environmental Choice New Zealand 
Dispenser Code MSD
Size 1000ml
Type Hand Soap
Texture Lotion
Colour Pink (pearlised)
Fragrance Clean and fresh
NZFSA / MPI Approved N/A
Environmental Choice New Zealand: Toiletry Products License Number 290961

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Mode Enriched Lotion Soap

  • Brand:Mode
  • Product Code:MLS1000
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $21.21 NZD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Force Hand Dryers are very simple to install.

Attach mounting plate to the wall.

Screw the Hand Dryer to the mounting plate.

Plug in the hand dryer to a 3 pin plug (please note: hard wiring is an option, however we recommend using an Electrician).

All other hand dryers including Dyson, Mitsubishi and Xlerator hand dryers will need an electrician to install.

Cost for installation varies based on if electricity is available where the dryer is being installed and if not how hard it is to get electricity to that location

There is very little maintenance involved with hand dryers.

The maintenance is as follows:

  1. Wipe down the machine and keep it clean each time the bathroom gets cleaned.
  2. If the unit has a drip tray then empty this when the unit is cleaned
  3. Change the unit filters as per manufacturer recommendations (varies from ever 6 months to every 5 years based on the unit)
The ideal hand dryer height depends mainly on the age range of your average washroom users, and the type of dryer you’re installing.

Suggested hands-under dryer height relative to age range:
  • Males (adult): 1,170mm
  • Females (adult): 1,120mm
  • Children (ages 4–7): 810mm
  • Children (ages 7–10): 910mm
  • Children (ages 10–13): 1,020mm
  • Children (ages 13–17): 1,120mm
  • Disabled users: 940mm
These measurements are taken from the air nozzle of the dryer to the floor.

Suggested hands-in dryer height relative to age range:
  • Males (adult): 1,050mm
  • Females (adult): 975mm
  • Children (all ages): 875mm
  • Disabled users: 875mm
These measurements are taken from the top of the dryer unit to the floor.

Each warranty is different per manufacturer.

The warranty is as follows:

Dyson: 5 Years warranty
Force: 12 month replacement warranty
Mitsubishi: 12 month warranty
Xlerator: 12 month warranty

Hand dryers often save 95% + on annual paper towel expenditure by removing expense related to purchasing paper towels and disposing of the used paper towel waste, as well as the time involved in re-stocking the dispensers and emptying the used paper towel waste.

Please use our Online Calculator to compare hand dryer vs paper towel costs and savings.

Airblade / jet hand dryers use two high-speed jets / blades of air, which dry both the palm and the back of the hand at the same time using a squeegee type of action.

This action will dry the hands up to five times faster than traditional hand dryers (approximately 6 seconds per dry).

Single blade jet hand dryers are constructed with the same high-speed jet hand dryer technology in a single air jet / blade.

Yes, We have a wide range of lease options to suite your needs. Please contact us for a list of options.

This is a question which is best answered by your accountant.

Leasing is 100% tax deductible.

Purchased Hand Dryers can be deprecated of you asset register.

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